Gin Tasting

We offer a Gin tasting at the Butchers Bar. Enjoy and learn about the many facets of gin as well as its history and many anecdotes.

Duration: 2 hrs
Start: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Butchers Bar, Lingen central
Cost: 35,- €
Sign up per Mail: register here

City Tour with the „Kivelingen“

Entertaining and educational tour around Lingen
On this tour you will get a deep dive into the history of Lingen and its inhabitants. You will be guided by the Kivelingen through the Lingen city centre, get to know their history and find out why they are so important to our city. The Tour on Saturday starts and ends at the Kieveling Club House.

Duration: 1-2 hrs
Location: Kivelingshaus, Rathausgasse 1, Lingen Market Place
Time: 11:00, 12:00 and 14:00 Uhr

Cost: 15,- € incl. refreshments
Sign up per Mail: book here

Craftbeer Tasting

Who’s got a cold one?
If you can have one, why not a have a few. At the Alten Posthalteri there are over 140 different beers to choose from and we’ve carefully selected 11 for you to enjoy. From regional to international and from Pilsener to Chili beer.

Duration: ca. 2 hrs
Location: Alte Posthalterei, Große Straße 1, Lingen central
Time: 14:30
Cost: 33,90 €
Booking completed, SOLD OUT


Become a Korn-academic!
The Korn and Hanseatic city of Haselünne in Emsland has a long tradition of distilling some of the finest spirits this side of the Ems. Together with the Rosche distillery is also the Berentzen spirit company located there. Just try to be in decent enough shape for the gala evening later.

Duration: 3 hrs
Location: Brennerei Rosche, Haselünne
Cost: 15,- € (inclusive transport)
Sign up per Mail: register here

Meyer Shipyard

Where do cruiseships come from?
Emsland of course! A guided tour with the tablers working at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg. Here the largest cruiseships for Aida & Co are built and that’s in the middle of our flatlands.

Duration: t.b.a.
Location: Meyer Werft, Papenburg
Cost: t.b.a.
Booking completed, SOLD OUT

Recommendations in Lingen

  • Tabler-Stop at Kivelingshaus, Rathausgasse 1